Roger Morin, “Elements of Design” Downloadable File

I was thrilled with Dr. Morin’s presentation at our previous IAAPG meeting on 21 November. He was an excellent speaker, sharing his expertise and thoughts while getting our creative juices flowing!

For those that missed this, the topic was “Learning to See Creatively: Elements of Design“. Roger walked us through a series of how to see lines, shapes, forms, texture, patterns, and color in our photographic compositions. “Be a spaceship” was often referred to while he emphasized changing the angle of your shot…to hover, dip, dive, angle away like a spaceship.

I received an e-mail from him and he commented, “depending on my work schedule would love to do Composition 2“. Like many of you, I am looking forward to his next lecture and I will keep you updated when that is placed on our calendar.

For those that requested a PDF of the lecture or perhaps missed it and would like to see it, I’ve added it to Google Drive so you can download it.

Follow this link to download the file: Roger Morin: Elements of Design

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One thought on “Roger Morin, “Elements of Design” Downloadable File”

  1. Thank you so much for posting. I read about Roger Morin and looked at his work on the web. Would love to have attended and much appropriate the work Jimmie is doing for the group! I have played in the local community band from its beginning and, unfortunately, we rehearse on Thursdays so I miss the group meeting during our “season.” The PDF file was nice, helpful, and well done. I appreciate being able to see the slides!

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