Roger Morin, “Elements of Design” Downloadable File

I was thrilled with Dr. Morin’s presentation at our previous IAAPG meeting on 21 November. He was an excellent speaker, sharing his expertise and thoughts while getting our creative juices flowing!

For those that missed this, the topic was “Learning to See Creatively: Elements of Design“. Roger walked us through a series of how to see lines, shapes, forms, texture, patterns, and color in our photographic compositions. “Be a spaceship” was often referred to while he emphasized changing the angle of your shot…to hover, dip, dive, angle away like a spaceship.

I received an e-mail from him and he commented, “depending on my work schedule would love to do Composition 2“. Like many of you, I am looking forward to his next lecture and I will keep you updated when that is placed on our calendar.

For those that requested a PDF of the lecture or perhaps missed it and would like to see it, I’ve added it to Google Drive so you can download it.

Follow this link to download the file: Roger Morin: Elements of Design

Photography as a Team Sport

Photography is often a solitary endeavor with the photographer behind the camera’s lens occupying a space on the fringe of the action, but rarely as an active player. Sports, group, and nature photography come to mind as examples of operating on or below what we find interesting enough to memorialize as an image. We’re on-station, but not on the field. My experience has been that learning how to take better pictures is much the same with copious amounts of trial and error mixed with how-to photo books and videos by Ken Rockwell and, of course, the obligatory YouTube offerings. Through it all, it’s largely an individual effort in a sink or swim environment where especially early in the process there’s more sinking than swimming. Thankfully, digitization allows us to take a thousand images with the hope that the blind-squirrel rule takes effect, but that soon gets a bit tedious. Fortunately for all of us as photographers at all levels, there’s a sea-change coming to Fernandina Beach in how we can learn to take better photographs and have more fun growing in the hobby or profession as part of a team effort. Perhaps the best part of the equation is it involves people helping people to learn photography from each other and from the images we all take. Some of us will be starting from scratch while others will be coming from an experts viewpoint. Either way, we all have something to offer and to learn. Why not do it in a casual open forum where the goal is to have fun and, maybe, learn something new that you can use as a photographer.

Jimmie Stone has worked tirelessly to continue the Island Art Association Photography Group (IAAPG) with the goal of providing an opportunity for photographers of all skill levels to improve their craft. It involves a casual meeting the third-Thursday of each month, beginning Thursday, September 19, at 7:00 PM, in the Education Center at the Amelia Island Art Association (AIAA). There will be opportunities to share images with the group and to hear presentations from a variety of island photographers. The topics will vary, but will all be designed for us to improve behind the camera. 

Each one-hour monthly meeting will cover something new and fresh with an impetus on making Amelia Island photography an enjoyable team sport after all.

Come Join Us next Thursday and be sure to visit