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Photo Walk Amelia: Darien, Georgia

PhotoDarien, GA – Photo Walk – October 26th Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. All Places are anywhere from 5-15 minutes away from each other. Come for all of it or join in at any time. Places and times are approx of where we will be. Thanks, Scott

Needwood Church – Cool old church on route 17 – two miles before – HOFWYL-BROADFIELD

Meet here at 10:00 am
5556 U.S. Highway 17 N, Brunswick, GA
Adults (18–61): $8.00
Seniors (62+): $7.00
This beautiful plantation represents the history and culture of Georgia’s rice coast. In the early 1800s, William Brailsford of Charleston carved a rice plantation from marshes along the Altamaha River. The plantation and its inhabitants were part of the genteel low country society that developed during the antebellum period. While many factors made rice cultivation increasingly difficult in the years after the Civil War, the family continued to grow rice until 1913.

Meet here at 12:30 pm
302 McIntosh Road SE, Darien, GA
Adults (18–61): $7.50
Seniors (62+): $7.00
This is the oldest English fort remaining on Georgia’s coast. From 1721 until 1736, Fort King George was the southern outpost of the British Empire in North America. A cypress blockhouse, barracks and palisaded earthen fort were constructed in 1721 by scout men led by Colonel John “Tuscarora Jack” Barnwell. For the next seven years, His Majesty’s Independent Company garrisoned the fort. They endured incredible hardships from disease, threats of Spanish and Indian attacks, and the harsh, unfamiliar coastal environment. After the fort was abandoned, General James Oglethorpe brought Scottish Highlanders to the site in 1736. The settlement, called Darien, eventually became a foremost export center of lumber until 1925.

Meet here at 2:30 pm
Downtown Darien – Park on Broad Street, anywhere you can.
1. Meet center of town, 103 Broad St., Darien, GA for your GPS.
2. I’ll have a map of the old buildings, churches, waterfront, shrimp boats, etc…
4. Lost, any questions, call/text me @ 904-404-6952.
6. I don’t cancel the walk because of the weather, make your own best judgment for your own safety. Thanks, Scott Moore

The town of Darien was founded in January 1736 by Scottish Highlanders recruited by James Oglethorpe to act as settler-soldiers protecting the frontiers of Georgia from the Spanish in Florida, the French in the Alabama basin, and the Indian allies of each colonial enterprise. On January 10, 1736, 177 emigrants, including women and children, arrived on the Prince of Wales to establish Darien, which was named after the Darien Scheme, a former Scottish colony in Panama. Among the initial settlers was Lachlan McGillivray, who became a noted trader with the Creek people, and Lachlan McIntosh, a leader during the American Revolutionary War.

Meet here at 4:30 pm – Dinner
Skipper’s Fish Camp
85 Screven St, Darien, GA

Darien Waterfront at 6:00 pm – Sunset @ 6:45, Ends at 7:00 pm

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Oct 26 2019


10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 26 2019
  • Time: 10:00 - 19:00


8.00 Adults and 7.00 Seniors


5556 U.S. Highway 17 N, Brunswick, GA

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